S A Fabrications

All the photographs you can see on this website are of my own work. If you see something you
like, but want to alter parts of the design, it can be done. Most people think that you
can’t have gates that open on a slope or you need to leave a large gap underneath, this is
not the case.

The photographs show a variety of the jobs I have done. If you have an idea, please get in
touch with me and I will endeavour to supply your needs.

Personalised Service

The majority of the work I do is galvanized prior to being acid etched and next it is preheated to remove moisture and gases out of the steel. Then it is powder coated rather than cold steel sweating and blistering the paint off.

I would recommend galvanizing, but if you prefer not to, that is your choice. Another option is powder prime prior to powder coating.

I also do industrial work, fire escapes and general engineering etc.

There are no prices on any of the items as they are all done to customers own specifications and are made to order. Please feel free to contact me for a free no obligation quote.